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      BEST FRONTALS AND CLOSURES                     FOR SEW IN HAIR                           EXTENSIONS AND HAIR WEAVES

Searching for a great closures sew in and frontals sew in that is perfect every time?  Then you've come to the right place.   Pure Luxury Beauty Studio have taken the guess work out of it.  Now is the time to order the world's best closures and frontals with the most natural hair line.  Pure Luxury closures and  frontals for sew ins are amazing and last for a long time with proper care.  All of our closures and frontals are definitely not created equally so be sure to check out our closures and frontals online or in store to find out which one is right for you.  We are sure you will love them.

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Hair closures are a great way to close your sew in weave style seamlessly. We love Pure Luxury closures because they are very versatile and they last a long time with proper care.  Our closure gives you a natural part without your natural hair being exposed.  Visit our salon for a  hair extension consultation to learn more about our sew in closures order here .  If you are not in the area we have face time consultation available. 

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Closures are  great for sew ins because it seamlessly closes up the leave out area.  Our closures has a  light weight feel with breathable lace.   They can be custom colored to match any look.  Our closures come in a variety of textures.   Pure Lux Hair Extensions is top of the line in  closures and frontals.  Once you purchase the closure or frontal there is an additional fee to sew it in flawlessly to your leave out area of your sew in.  All of our sew in services are guaranteed.

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Hair frontals are great for sew ins. Frontals cover the whole frontal portion of your hairline.  Pure Lux  Frontals are  light weight with breathable lace.  Order yours today.  Frontals can be custom colored to match any look.  Come in a variety of textures.  Check Pure Lux  Hair for more information on our closures and frontals.  Once you purchase your closure or frontal there is an additional fee.  Our frontals allow the sew in to be sewn  it down seamlessly  to your sew-in with the frontal.  Check service page for more detail on frontal and closure sew in service  price.  To shop our most natural looking  frontals feel free browse our site.

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Hair frontals is a great way to seam up your sew in when you do not want any of your natural hair line exposed.  Frontals keep your hair line in tip top shape without the normal wear and tear of curling irons and environmental damage.  You are able to part anywhere throughout the frontal while wearing your sew in.  Frontals unlike a closure has more parting because it extends from ear to ear vs a small 4 inch section.  We love Pure Lux hair extension frontals because they are very versatile and they last with proper care.  Visit our salon and store for a hair extension consultation.  If you are not in the area then shop here for  frontals and closure.

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