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Non Surgical Hair Replacement and Hair  Loss Solutions ~Pure Luxury Beauty Studio~Charlotte, NC 


Hair Replacement and Hair Loss Solutions

Pure Luxury Beauty Studio offer a range of great non surgical hair replacement options for women.   Hair thinning is very common when getting older and sometimes it seems there is no solutions for this problem.  Here at Pure Luxury Beauty Studio we specialize in hair loss solutions for women.  Sometimes hair loss can be brought on because of hereditary instances or hair loss due to medical reasons. There are a variety of reasons that hair loss or hair thinning may become an issue for you in your life.  One thing we know for sure at Pure Luxury Beauty Studio is that hair loss and hair thinning can effect our confidence level at times.  Sometimes the hair loss or hair thinning may be brought on because of medical reason such as medication, chemotherapy, radiation, alopecia, trichotillomania, etc.  What ever your situation is we are here to help and to guide you through the process at ease.  Our goal is to give you a back your natural appearance of your own hair with our luxury hair extensions and hair replacement solutions.  So many options are available and we look forward to sitting down with you to discuss all your options.  We have hair experts on site to book a consultation for your convenience.

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What is Non Surgical Hair Replacement? 

Non Surgical Hair Replacement is a way to replace your natural hair appearance with surgery.  Here at Pure Luxury Beauty Studio we handcraft the perfect wig/ prothesis design to mimic your natural hair.  Making sure to match your hairline, texture and hair color.  During a private consultation we evaluate your hair and scalp and decide on the perfect luxury handcrafted wig or prothesis design that best suits you and your facial shape. Each wig and or prosthetic is handcrafted from the finest material.  All hair is sources from the healthiest donors. All of the hairs are cuticle hairs which means all the hairs are facing the same directions. Healthy hair is our first priority so sourcing from the top hair sourcing providers is a top priority. All of our hand crafted wigs are ventilated with single knots at the hair line to give you a natural hair line effect.  A monofilament base is used at the base of our wigs and prosthesis for a natural scalp parting.  Our alternative non-surgical hair replacement solutions just might be the solution you been waiting for.  Schedule a consultation with one of our experts in non surgical hair replacement surgery at Pure Luxury Beauty Studio located in Charlotte, NC.

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