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Pure Luxury Beauty Studio is a quaint little boutique style hair extensions studio located in Cherry between Dilworth and Elizabeth just southeast of Uptown Charlotte, NC.  Our hair extension studio is filled with beautiful hair extension  options for women that are searching for hair solutions, hair volume, and hair length. We also service lash extensions and brow services near you.

                     Our Story
            About Pure Luxury Beauty Studio
           "The Worlds Best Natural Hair Extensions"

 Pure Luxury Beauty Studio and Products.

 It has always been a love of mine to test out the different colors and textures of hair extensions.  I am truly a hair extension and wig connoisseur. Testing the touch and silkiness of hair and the durability of every strand.  Bringing you the best luxurious hair extensions and products for your natural hair to market.


But this is only half of our addiction.  The other half is seeing the women's lives as I change their view of themselves through our hair extension method.  This is a major part of why I do what I do and why I've been in the business for well over 30 years now.


 I love seeing that sparkle of new life in each person's eyes of the new possibilities and the new confidence that wearing our hair extensions can bring.  I carry that with me each day home and it is nothing more satisfying than knowing you have touched a part of a human being's inner part of their soul that made that light in their eye sparkle at a new possibility.  To be a part of that is priceless.  And for that I am grateful. "

  ~Katina Foster~


​"Our vision is to create strong, beautiful and long hair using our hair extension system.  We are also very determined to maintain good customer service and client relationships.   We want every client to feel as special as she is.  We promise to please."

Our Vision

Our Story


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