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 Handtied Hair Extensions

Charlotte ~Pure Luxury Beauty Studio~

Lux Hand Tied Hair Extensions


Handtied Hair Extensions

Our lux hand tied beaded weft extensions are the latest in the hair extensions craze.  These hair extension are very fine wefts hand tied together to form a weft.  Wefts can be custom colored.The hair wefts are usually attached to your natural hair using the micro link or laser beaded row method.  This gives you a flawless transition between your natural hair and the hair extensions.  The laser  beaded or microlink base is applied as the foundation to keep the hair extensions in place.  The custom colors available in Pure Luxury Beauty Studio is an amazing range of custom blends including balayage and unbelievable ombres.

  Hair extension consultation available Tuesday-Saturday from 11:30 -4pm be sure to  ask us about the hand tied beaded row or microlink weft method.  Oh yea and why not enjoy a glass of wine while you're at it.......

So What Is Handtied Weft Beaded Extensions?

Handtied Beaded Row is the technique used to place the hand tied wefts to your natural hair. Hand tied extensions are made using loose hairs and handmade into a fine delicate weft.  The weft cannot be cut or the weft will continue to unravel.  The weft can only be folded.   The hair itself can last over a year and can be applied over again.  Only when it is luxurious hair that is made up of high quality hair extensions.  The pricing for hand tied wefts usually range from $300-$400 starting out.  This is usually not inclusive with the service.  The service is ususally priced per row.  Our beaded rows are really popular and leaves every client with a head full of luxurious hair.  

Handtied vs Machine Weft

The hand tied wefts are microfine vs machine wefts which are more bulkier.  the handtied wefts cannot be cut yet the machine wefts can be cut.  Both type of hair can be doubled but the hand tied will give you less bulk.  Machine weft is less in cost than handtied because machine weft is made by machine vs hand.   All quality hair extensions is worth paying for.  It doesnt make since to get a luxury service and use inadequate hair.  The performance over time will eventually show.  The cost of Machine Weft vs Handtied is a wide range but can vary in price by about a $50-$100 difference with the handtied being the most expensive of the competitor.  When choosing which type is best for your hair extensions a consultation is absolutely necessary to make sure you get your desired results.

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