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Hair Extensions FAQ



Pure Luxury Beauty Studio
901 S KINGS DR #160

Charlotte, NC 28204



NOTE: Before calling or emailing for an appointment, try booking through the link below appointment, policies.

If you have other questions, please feel free to call or email.  Information below.





​General Hours of Operation -
Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm
​Salon Phone : 704-302-1044
Katina Only Works By Appointment Only (3 Days A Week Only)
Please fill out a consultation form or book your consultation online if this is a first time appointment.
11:00am-5pm Wednesday
11:00am-6pm Thursday-Friday

(Last hair extension service and shampoo service is  at 3pm Tuesday-Wednesday)
(Last hair extension service is Thursday - Friday at 5pm)

Deposits for Appointments:

A deposit of $50-$100 is required to secure all sew-in  and micro-link installations appointments.  Strand by Strand require 1/2 of the service for deposit before moving forward.

All deposit for hair extension service appointment must be made in person, or by invoice. Payment for hair is required when ordered and is non-refundable.


We have some hair in stock and some have hair has  to be special ordered.  We do not hold hair so its best to pay up front for the stock orders so that we can place it in our reservation room. 


 Appointments will not be held without a deposit.


Cancellation Policy:

72 hours notice is required for all cancellations.  If you do not cancel your appointment before the 72 hours then late fees will apply.   If you call before the 72 hours you may receive one complimentary adjustment of your appointment date and time.


 All deposits are non refundable.  All purchases of hair is non refundable.


The $50 deposit is required to hold your hair appointment. 


It will be kept in case of cancellation and used as part of the cancellation fee to avoid our staff from being inconvenience or losing business through out the no show days. 

We have no tolerance for clients who do not show up for appointments without calling.  Please respect our time.

Client Acceptance Status

Our schedule tends to fill up rather quickly with just our regular clients so we must sometimes stop accepting new clients to balance our appointment books.  


A notice will be placed on the website once this happens.   We also give our existing clients first priority when scheduling appointments.  If you are set up for VIP Status then you will be on a priority list as the appointment books become more full.

What are your current hair extension service rates?
You can view my rates here: SERVICES

What are your current hair rates?

​Your can view our rates here:  HAIR

Hair Extensions And The Hair Extension Procedure


I still don't know what procedure I need,  what do I do?

​You can go to our PROCEDURE page and get a basic idea and understanding of what you need.  However we will cover the best methods for your hair extension that will make them look most natural and make you feel most comfortable.

​What kind of hair do you recommend?

Our favorite high quality brand is our Pure Luxury Hair.  We carry the full line in our location.  You cannot get this hair anywhere else but in our location salon or on our website.  We choose not to work with any other companies.  So if you want to use your own hair then this is not the place for you.  We stand behind our work and our hair.  We cant stand behind any other hair other than what we supply.

How long do the hair last?

Our hair last up to one year.   Shop

How much hair do I need?

You need to purchase  2 bundles of  Pure Luxury Hair.  


Pure Luxury Beauty Studio do not sell half bundle, two packs is the minimum order.  If you want your hair fuller then it is suggested to order an additional bundle.


If you want your hair  longer than 18 inch you may need 3 bundles depending on your natural density.  (Again this is why a consultation is important)



The idea for a natural hair extensions is to match the density of your existing hair.  Our hair extensions are measured in grams or ounces. 

The amount of hair you normally need is  4 to 6 ounces for the hair extensions or hair weave to match the  natural density of the average hair density.  If you want your hair extensions/ hair weave to be full, you'll need about 8 ounces. 

4 ounces is the equivalent of 1 bundle. 8 ounces is the equivalent of two bundles of hair.

If you're not sure PLEASE ASK our hair extension professional before placing your order if you are ordering through our website or  by phone.   If you are unsure about the process and need advice please set up a complimentary consultation.  During the consultation you will receive an accurate pricing of the service or hair extension needed to perform your service.


What is the difference between a hair weave and a hair extension?

There is no difference.  


There is a difference in  lingo when referring to hair extensions as a hair weave. 


 Pure Luxury choose to refer to it as "hair extensions" because it sounds more professional than "hair weave".  But again it is the same thing.  


Is a consultation mandatory?

​A consultation is suggested for an accurate pricing on service and hair.


The reason for a consultation is to completely informed you of your options.  Some options may be more affordable and some options are completely luxury alternatives.  Its great for us to see your hair personally to evaluate length, color, and texture.  


If you choose to move forward without a consultation you will have to purchase your hair and place a deposit on the services before scheduling an appointment. ​

I live out of state its hard to get there for a consultation?

We offer phone, face time, skype and onsite hair extensions consultation for free.  


You would have to call the salon at 704-302-1044 to schedule your appointment for a consultation and specify which kind you prefer.

Hair Extensions And Services

What type of  hair textures for hair extensions technique do you work with? 

I can work with all textures of hair that people have (African-American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, bi-racial, etc)

I am Caucasian, which type of hair extensions technique would work for my hair?
Our laser hair extensions, tape extensions , strand by strand and clip ins are the most popular choices for our Caucasian clientele.


I am African American, which type of hair extensions or hair weave work the best for my hair?

All of our hair extension techniques will be suitable for this type of hair.


Whats the difference between a hair extensions and a hair weave?

No difference at all. Just preference is verbage.

Hair Loss, Hair Replacement, Natural Wigs, and Customized Hair Extensions.  We Do it All.

How Can Hair Extensions Assist Me With Hair Loss?

Hair Loss and Female Pattern Baldness is a sensitive topic.  However it is very important if we can catch it in the early stages to treat it with some of our healthy hair and scalp treatments.  We offer private screens for clients that are sensitive about their hair issues.  We also have a private studio that is very intimate to address all of you hair loss needs.  We also assist you with hair loss prevention treatments.  Our clients include clients dealing with scalp issues such as alopecia, trichotillomania, hair loss, female pattern baldness and many more hair and scalp issues.  Hair Replacement service include customized hair extensions and also customized natural wigs available.  Call today for a private consultation. 

Our Natural Wigs

Pure Lux Wigs are called "Removables"  the name justifies that the system has been converted into the most natural hair extensions solution for you.  We have customized wigs to choose from and a gallery on hand to view a few in stock wig pieces.  We have a natural wig store available online and offline if you would like to privately shop.  Pure Lux carries the best Natural Wigs on the market.


Why are hair extensions so expensive?

In every specialty services you will experience a luxury service and/or a mediocre service.  You may be able to find mediocre service and hair for cheap, but you risk the integrity of your natural hair and the overall proffesional experience and look of your hair.  With a luxury hair extension service your recieve top quality hair extensions and qualified skilled professionals that will educate you and take care of your natural hair while wearing hair extensions.  Pure Luxury Studio is a luxury lifestyle brand.  Luxury brand comes with a luxury price tag due to cost in hair, cost in training, and the time factor.  Hair extension is a luxury service fast becoming more popular every day.  But the bottom line is you get what you pay for.

How long does my hair need to be in order to get a hair extensions?

I prefer working with lengths longer than 3 inches.​

Is there anything that I should do to my hair prior to my hair extension appointment?

If you like you can shampoo and blow dry your hair.  This do not change the price but it will knock off approximately 30 minutes off your overall time.  However we do provide everything for you hair extension needs from start to finish.  Please avoid excessive oils before your hair extension appointment.  If you are receiving any type of strand by strand or microlink application and you choose to shampoo before your appointment then we suggest using a clarifying shampoo and place conditioner on your ends only not close to the scalp.

How long is a typical hair extension session?

You can expect to be in the chair for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours for your luxury hair extensions service.  If you are receiving any add on services such as customized hair extensions then it may vary in time .  


Is there a long waiting time before my appointment?

Chances are 99% high that we will be ready for you when you arrive at your scheduled appointment time.  Our receptionist always will try to contact you in advance whenever possible if we feel we may be running more than 15 minutes behind schedule.

I want a weave but don't know what type of hair extension hair or service I should get.

That's okay.  We can schedule a consultation and I can go over the different types of hair, texture, lengths and color.  At that time, we will decide what would work best for your needs.  We can also discuss options over the phone.  We use the word "hair weave" loosely our common term is "hair extensions" but for FAQ purposes we may use the word interchangeably.  Our hair weaves are the most natural hair weaves in Charlotte.  We sell bundles for sew-ins and all other techniques.  Our wefts are very natural.  

I want a sew-in hair extension/ weave.  Do I need a relaxer?

A relaxer is certainly not required for our sew in hair extension method.  However, I recommend a full-head hair extensions or hair weave (with all of the hair braided up) if you are all natural or transitioning between relaxers.  This can be done with or without a closure if you do not want to have to keep up your natural hair out between maintenance visits.  An open net sew in  if you are comfortable maintaining the top and/or perimeter area of your natural hair between salon visits.   If you choose to relax your hair then I would recommend only relaxing leave out and relaxing the inside hair every other install visit.  Therefore transitioning your chemical care to 3-4 time a year versus every 4-6 weeks.

The Condition Of Your Hair In Regards To Services

Do you care for damaged hair?
Most definitely.  That is our mission here at Pure Luxury Beauty Studio.  Our goal is to treat the hair using our products and system to grow your hair out healthy.  I love seeing my clients going from shorter lengths to hair down the middle of their back.  And the most exciting thing about that is that it is all healthy.  I care for the natural hair while installing protective styles (hair extensions). Please note that it is not necessary for someone to wear hair extensions to grow their hair out though.

Every client's hair needs are different so the the regimens may vary from client to client.  Pure Luxury have developed hair growth/health plan that clients can follow for the best results.

Although I mainly provide hair extension services, I am mainly concerned about the health of your natural hair. So if I feel that your hair may not be suitable for a hair extension service, then that service will not be rendered


Are there any restrictions when getting hair extensions or fusion/extensions?

I will not do  fusion on hair that is excessively shedding or damaged.  It is important to find out why the hair is going through the trauma.   Sometimes excessive shedding can be a caused from an underlying condition that may need to be diagnosed by your doctor.  Masking the problem does not stop the shedding.

How long do my hair have to be to receive a strand by strand ?(cold or hot fusion)

For fusion, the hair needs to be long enough for coverage reasons.  If the hair is to short then we have to use more bonds resulting in a lot more money and it still do not look natural.  Please allow your hair to be almost shoulder length before committing to the strand by strand, shrinkies, cold fusion, hot fusion method.

Hair & Hair Extension Care 

What is the recommended length of time to wear my weave?

I recommend that you wear your weave no longer than 2 to 3 months.  The weave itself may hold up much longer, but it's really about your hair underneath.

What could happen if I leave my weave in longer than the recommended time?

Your hair underneath could begin to get extremely matted/tangled, which can result in hair loss.

What should I put on my hair while in sew-in  weave or sew-in hair extension?

My favorite oil  to use underneath a hair extension/ hair weave is Pure Lux Hair Growth Oil or  Lisa Akbari's Moisture Plus.

How often should I shampoo my hair extensions?

Once per week or once every two weeks is fine for a sew in.  For other methods as often as you like.  However, your shampooing needs may vary.

Is there a particular shampoo that you recommend for my hair extensions?

My favorite shampoo and conditioner is the Kenra line. Pure Lux Hair has a new shampoo and conditioner that is wonderful and designed specifically for hair extensions.  

Is there an easy method to use to shampoo my hair extensions?

It is easy to shampoo your hair extensions while in the shower.  Keep the hair going straight back; that will help minimize or even eliminate tangling.  I recommend using an applicator bottle to mix shampoo and water.  Shake it, then squirt the shampoo suds inside of the net sew in if wearing a sew in hair extension.  If wearing another method you can shampoo normally in one direction.  You can do the same with the conditioner.  And then rinse VERY thoroughly.


Fusion And Strand By Strand Hair Extension Services

What kind of hair do you use for fusion?

I use Indian Remy hair or virgin Brazilian hair the hair we use last up to 6months to 1 year depending on the type of hair we use,  but the service it self should only be left in 2- 4 months.

How long does this process take?

It takes me about 4 hours from start to finish (cutting and styling too).

How long does fusion or keratin strand by strand  last?

Fusion can last 2 to 4 months.  It's a good idea to have the fusion bonds removed after 3 to 4 months anyway because your new growth causes the bonds to move further away from the scalp, which leads to a an unhealthy "swinging" effect. Plus, your natural hair will have naturally shed and that means that there is a bit less hair to hold the bonds and weave hair.  At that point, there is too much weight on your natural hair strands.

Fusion/ Strand by Strand Hair Care

Will fusion cause damage to my hair?

With proper application, proper care while wearing the fusion, and proper removal, the fusion method should not cause damage.   I do not recommend applying fusion to weak/damaged hair.  Also pulling on the hair without holding the bonds can cause damage.  You have to realize hair is placed on small amounts of hair so you have to be careful brushing and blowdrying.

Can I use the fusion method to grow my hair out?

Yes. If you are on our grow out plan because you are experiencing some breakage fusion would not be an option for you.

Clients whom hair is in great shape it is a great way to grow your hair out as long as you take special care of them.Please be mindful that you will need to take extra care of your hair that is in between the fusion bonds.  Minimize the use of hot curlers.  Since your natural hair is intertwined with the fusion hair, anything you do to the fusion hair affect your natural hair.

Interested in the Eyelash Extensions

Interested in the Hair Extension Services

Interested in a Consultation

Kid's Policy

Can I bring my child to my appointment?

Kids are not allowed in the salon while getting service without an appointment.  This is your time to relax.  it is also our other clients time to relax and get away from any distraction.  Please if you cannot find care for your child please reschedule.

Please Be Punctual 

Please respect my time, as we highly respect your time and business.

Please call the salon if you feel that you may be late for your appointment.  We may be able to call the next client to ask if she can come in a bit later so that your appointment will not overlap onto the next appointment.  Otherwise, your appointment may have to be canceled.

We can not guarantee your appointment if you have not arrived by your scheduled appointment time and you have not called.

When you're late, you affect the next client's appointment or the technician lunch/off time, or both.  We schedule our appointments in a manner that allows you to get right into the chair when you arrive at your scheduled appointment.

If the technician think that he/she will be running behind,  we will make every effort to contact you in advance to ask if you wouldn't mind coming in a bit later in the day.  We rather let you know ahead of time whenever possible so that it may give you time to handle other things because we highly respect your time.

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