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Charlotte Brazilian Wax


Lux Brazilian Wax and Body Wax

Pure Luxury Beauty Studio provides all waxing services including eyebrow waxing, lip waxing, arm wax, back wax, Brazilian wax, leg wax, body wax and more.  Our wax specialist are trained in advanced yet gentle methods of hair removal.  Hair removal is helps to smooth skin and relieve irritation.  Our eyebrow lifts are achieved with a waxing technique that allows for a beautiful open eye effect.  We offer different treatments according to your skin needs.  If you have sensitive skin we offer waxing for sensitive skin.  Results last 3-4 weeks.  Esthetician is license and trained.  Book an appointment with our Brazilian wax specialist today.


Lux Wax Menu

Brazilian Lux Wax                             $40
Eyebrow                                           $20
Underarm                                         $15
Upper lip                                            $10
Full Leg                                              $20
Back                                                  $50
Chest                                                $60

Full Body                                           $75