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Beautiful Lash Extensions

Pure Luxury Beauty Studio Lash Lounge features a beautiful setting for you to relax and recieve the most beautiful set of lash extensions ever.  Lash extensions is an excellent way to add more flair to your eye.  Its also a great way to add an instant eyelift.  We love Pure Luxury lashes because of the great density and lovely mink quality.  Our mink lashes are high quality and gives a great lift to the eye.  We carry a variety of shapes and lenths in the lash extensions to build you the best custom lashe extensions possible.  Try out our glam if you are a bit daring.  We also have our mascara set for a classic lash extension look. And for our simple yet fashionable women we have our  traditonal set of lash extensions.  

Eye Brows are essential in the make up of our our entire face.  Its important to not neglect the brow when grooming the eye.  Eyebrow mapping is a great way to make sure that your brows are at its optimal results in design.  Add a touch of henna brow to make a bold statement with out the commitment of micro blading.  Waxing and grooming of brows are a great way to give your face an immediate lift without surgery.

eyebrow mapping.jpg

Beautiful Brows

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