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Pure Luxury Hair Extension and Lash Studio Located in Charlotte, NC Offers Over 15 Different Hair Extensions and Sew In Weave Technique                     




What Texture Hair Extensions Do I Need?

Texture plays a huge part in the final look of your hair extensions.  It's important to pay attention to your texture when your hair is wet and try to mimic that texture and curl pattern.  In the case you are wearing a full sew-in weave, then none of your natural hair will be showing so you can choose any texture.  Otherwise, choose a texture that's as close to your natural hair curl pattern as possible.  Waves are a great way to add dimension to straight hair that feels boring. However, adding straight hair to already straight hair looks extra amazing also and adds extra fullness.  With different hair extension textures, you can have all types of fun. Make sure to choose a hair texture that is fun and great to work with to create hairstyles and just a simple wash-and-go look.

Its All About The Hair Texture Girl.......

Textures, Textures, and More Textures

Pure Luxury Beauty Studio offers a great variety of hair textures.  The hair extension textures range from silky straight, relaxed straight, loose wave,  bossy wavy, curly, Tahitian curl, bohemian curl, and kinky curly hair extensions.  But when it comes to European hair extensions our Remy hair extension is the best hair extension brand that offers a variety of hair colors.

Brazilian Hair Extensions

 Brazilian hair is the best texture and quality when it is in its natural virgin state.  It usually has not been colored and can be custom colored if needed.  With Brazilian hair you do not want to color it past 3-4 levels at a time to maintain its integrity,  however, colored hair weaves look amazing in a sew-in. Our Brazilian hair is great for sew-in hair extensions and the weave of choice for full sew-ins and partial sew-ins.  The Brazilian closures are also a great way to rock a sew in.  Closure sew-in allows you to give your natural hair a rest break and allows you to continue to treat it while it continue to grow out.  Closures for sew-ins are a great way to protect your leave out.  Sew-in hair weaves are protective styling at its best.

Brazilian Remy Hair Extensions

Our brazilian remy hair extensions usually comes in darker color but has a silkier finish.  This is a perfect option for the brunette luxury girlies.   Check out the Euro Remy hair extensions when your hair is more  blonde and darker blonde. All of the hair extensions usually come in a straight texture or a body wave.  But in the Remy Collections the hair is more silky straight and has a light wave when wet.    Most of the lighter-colored hair(Euro Remy) comes in a straight texture because it's been processed to get the lighter color.  Because the hair is human hair the hair reacts the same way to color as your natural.  So we have to take our lightning process slow and steady to produce you a beautiful, flawless color.  If we lift the Brazilian Remy we will not be able to lift it to nice golden colors so we prefer you stay brunette to caramels to stay int he safe zones.  Otherwise take a peek at the Euro Collections.   All hair can be curled to achieve a wave pattern.  If you want the best results our professional recommendation is to book a  complimentary consultation today.

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