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Please Note That All First Time Appointments Must Book A Consultation First


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Scheduling Your HAIR EXTENSIONS Consultation or Ordering Or Buying. Here is Some Handy Information

What's Your Texture Choice?

It's important to set up a consultation before proceeding with your hair extensions services.  Our system allows you to customize your new hair additions.  We also custom design you a grow-out schedule.   Please feel out our form if you are interested in setting up a hair extension consultation.  If you are interested in a grow-out program to transition out of a relaxer this is also a great program.  We have clients with all sorts of conditions.


 Our clients consist of clients with damaged hair, alopecia, premature hair loss, thinning, a medication that may have caused hair loss and so much more hair issues that may be because of external, internal, or just wear and tear on your hair.  

We also have a huge clientele of clients that want hair extensions for the sheer convenience of being able to wash and go without spending your whole morning getting your hair together.  For some of our clients it's just a luxury and their hair is in great condition already but they want a longer fuller look while keeping their current hair healthy.  Whatever your reason Pure Luxury Beauty Studio is for you.  Please feel out the forms to start the process of the best healthy hair extensions around.  

How Much Hair Extensions Do I Need To Get Started?

Pure Lux Hair is the best quality hair extension available.  The hair is sold in bundles depending on the technique.  1 Bundle is needed for density only, and 2 bundles are needed for density and length.  An average client typically needs 2 bundles of hair, which averages 100 grams per bundle.  Clip-ins can adjust depending on the amount of density in grams being used.  


Pure Luxury weft hair normally requires 2 bundles but may not need all of the hair of the second bundle. We carry only excellent-quality hair.  Each category has a different price point but the quality matches our price.  Our hair comes with a luxury price tag because of the premium quality of the hair extensions.  


 Our studio uses the top leading hair extension providers in the country.  We only use the highest quality hair on the market.  We continue to expand our hair and hair resources based on the hair's premium quality. Refer to prices for the best hair for hair extensions page for price reference.

Ordering hair extensions is a big deal so be sure to do your research and make sure which service is best for you.  Or professionals are on hand to give you guidance on your decision, but ultimately you have the final say.  We pride ourselves on providing you with the best hair extensions and hair extension services.  

Please note: All deposits are non-refundable.   All of Pure Luxury's hair extension services and hair extensions are non-refundable.

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