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Tape In Extensions
Pure Luxury Beauty Studio - Charlotte NC

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Tape in extensions is a great way to add thickness and length to your natural hair.  Tape ins are especially great for clients with thinning or fine hair because of the seamless base of the tape in hair extensions.  Pure Luxury Tape in hair extensions is also an amazing way to add highlights or color without actually coloring your natural hair.  If you are looking for a seamless method of hair extensions that are quick and easy then tape in extensions is the way to go.

How Do I Get Started?
4 step hair extensions process


First step is setting up a consultation.  A hair extension consultation is important to understand pricing, answer hair questions, evaluate clients hair, order hair type, pay deposit and move forward into a world of beautiful pure lux hair extensions.  If you are interested in moving forward this is the perfect place to start.  The link below will lead you to our booking page.  We are so excited to get started.

Order Hair

Ordering hair is personal to each individual.  Each client has a special touch of uniqueness when it comes to matching up their hair.  Pure Luxury prides itself on our handmade luxury hair extensions.  In order to get the best pricing and understanding on hair a consultation is necessary.  For a basic overview of pricing you may visit the link below.   

Service Pricing

Service prices are very different from hair extension pricing.  "Service pricing" is the prices of the different hair extension services.  It is extremely important to schedule a hair extension consultation in order to discuss which hair extension service that would fit you the best.   When it come to hair extensions and your natural hair it is important for them to look as natural as possible.  A close up look at your natural hair will yield the best results.  Each client hair service pricing may differ based on fine, medium, or thick hair because more hair extension is required which means more or less time on the hair.  For basic pricing on hair extension services click link below.

Deposit & Book

Once the consultation is complete client will sign a form which lays out hair color, textures, lengths, refund policy, and deposit procedures.  Client will then receive a date for the hair extension appointment.  If client has been to the salon before and the appointment is a tighten or maintenance appointment then consultation can be skipped.  If client is a new client a consultation is absolutely mandatory.

Tape Hair Extension

Tape in Hair Extensions is a fabulous way to add volume and depth to natural hair using a seamless tape in hair method.  The tape in hair is two pieces of 2 inches in width hair extensions and your natural hair is sandwiched between the two pieces to create a thicker density.  

Pure Lux Tape in Hair Extensions are beautifully textured to mimic your natural hair and customized to imitate your hair color, texture and a natural length.

euro 18k tape.jpg

Tape Ins Hair Extensions Comes in A Variety of Colors

Pure Lux Tape in hair extensions  comes in variety of colors , textures and lengths.  The tape in extensions are  sent out to our hair extensions specialist team  to be customized to your exact color match using a time sensitive hair coloring system. 

This system is safe on the hair and allows for maximum luster and shine.

tape guide.png

Flawless Finish Using Tape In Hair  Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions give a flawless finish to anyone wishing to achieve instant volume and length.

All of our hair extensions  is natural cuticle hair aligned in same direction.  The highest quality hair in the market today.  100% human hair quality.  Visit Pure Lux Hair to shop a variety of options today.


Choosing Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape ins hair extensions are great for client with fine hair because they are very light weight.  Tape in hair extensions  are also seamless which allow for the technicians to apply higher into the hair without being noticed.   

Tape-in extensions maintenance is very important because when applying your  tape in hair extensions you must get them maintenance regularly in order for your natural hair to remain healthy and vibrant.  You must also take good care of the hair extensions also so that they last and look great in your natural hair.

dark blonde.jpg

Tape in hair extensions are  the most popular hair extensions among women with fine hair because of its seamless base.  It's easy to go higher up in the hair without being notice without bulk.  If you are looking for a hair extension salon near you that specialize in hair extensions and beautiful styles then Pure Luxury Studio is the place for you.

Tape In Hair Extensions Application

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