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The Natural Collection


    100% HUMAN


Curly hair extensions is a great way to add texture and length to your natural curls.  Pure Lux curly and wavy hair extensions are fast becoming the naturalista way of keeping her hair healthy while wearing hair extensions.  The curly and wavy hair extensions can  be cared for with natural hair products.


 If you are in search for a  wavy hair extensions, closures and frontals to match all of our hair  extensions.  


Curly hair extensions can be worn in a full sew-in hair weave with a closure or frontal for a great sew in hair style look.  Our curly hair extensions can also be worn in a partial sew-in weave for a very natural look.


Pure Luxury also makes the curly textures in custom clip in hair extensions, i tips, and specialty hair extensions.  When you are searching for a curly hair extensions that is not like any other curly hair extensions then you have come tho the right place.


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