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     Hair Extensions Pricing

(The pricing do not include the actual cost of hair just the service price. )

Pure Luxury Hair Extensions Is Called The New Botox
  And Now Its Time For You To See Why

Pump Up Your Volume.....Extend Your Length.......... Be Bold With Pure Luxury Hair Extensions &Lash Services

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Microlink Strand by Strand  Hair Extensions are placed in the hair by connecting strands of  pre tip hair to your existing hair using little aluminum or copper rings/beads lined in silicone. Your natural hair is pulled through the micro ring  or the micro bead.   The strand of hair extensions is added.  The natural strand and the hair extension strand is then compressed using a special hair extension plier type tool to ensure a good hold for your hair extensions.


Micro Loops tools work on the same principle but eliminate the need of a separate loop tool. This is because every bundle of hair has a loop and bead pre-connected. This makes for faster application. Micro Rings or Micro Bead method can be uncrimped and  the hair extensions reused. Micro Loops can only be adjusted. 

 Maintenance on micro link strand by strand hair extensions is every 4-6 weeks adjustment required  for healthy hair extension and healthy hair.


                                        Application Time and Pricing Of                

                                        Strand By Strand Hair Extensions
                                             *3+ hours
Hold Time
                                              *2-6 Months

                                      Tightenings & Adjustments

                                             Every 4-6 weeks
                                  No heat or glue involved that could damage your hair
                                    Easy to remove or adjust
                                  They are detectable with short hair

​                               Not good for people with hair that breaks easily

                                                 Service Pricing

        Price of Install Per Strand $6      Price to Tighten is $3 Per Strand

                                 (Does Not Include Price Of The Hair)


                      * Volume Only 25-125 Strands

            *Average head Density and Length 150-200 Strands

                              ** Glam Density and Length 200-300trandls

                                                       Hair Pricing

                               Start at $250 for 100 strands at 16 inches​ = 1 Bundle

                                200 strands = 2 Bundles




​Malaysian beaded Hair Extensions is a beaded or microlink hair extension method of placing hand tied hair extensions using  hand made hand tied wefts or machine wefts and micro beads.  The handtied or machine weft is placed on the hair using micro beads to attach them and/or thread to attach to the bead. This is also called beaded row extensions, braidless sew-in, white girl weave, and microlink extensions among other names.  At Pure Luxury we prefer to this method as Laser Beaded Row.  


This method can be done with single wefts or double weft..  This is perfect for a more semi-permanent hair extension look.


 Pure Luxury has renamed this method Laser beaded row hair extensions because of the ability to achieve flat results with weft hair using only micro beads or beads and threading.


The advantages is instant fullness in one row of hair extensions.  Also the maintenance is only $25 per row which is very affordable for upkeep.


                                  Application Time


                                       Hold Time

                                       3-4 months


                                   Easy application

                               Hair is left out leaving a natural flow


                             Not recommended for fragile hair

                                       Price of Service 

                                 (Does Not Include Hair)

            Price of Install $75 Per Row, Price to Tighten $25 Per Row

                                * Volume Only 2-3 Rows

                         *Average Head Density and Volume 5 Rows  

                              *Glam Head Density and Volume 6-8 Rows

                                      Pricing Of Hair

                    Start at $250 for 100 strands at 16 inches​ = 1 Bundle

                                       200 strands = 2 Bundles


Hot Fusion Hair Extensions  or Keratin Based Strand by Strand Hair  Extensions are pre-tipped bundles of hair that use a heating tool to connect to your natural hair and the hair extensions together.


A shoestring size strand of hair extensions infused with keratin is then fused to your natural hair. The hair extension keratin is made up of a protein based keratin polymer. Keratin Stand by Strand or Fusion Hair Extensions can damage hair  if not properly adhered or maintenenced. 

Avoid this method if you have thinning or weak hair unless you are very committed to the hair extension process and maintenance.
                                                          Application Time
                                                               4+ hours
                                              Hold Time
                                                              3-4 Months

 Since the Keratin is clear, it matches your hair color/ bonds and a strong hold
                                        Costly to maintain
                                   Not recommended for short hair

                       Not able to tighten.  Must be taken out and reinstalled.

                     Keep heat away from the the bonds. No heat close to scalp

                                         Price of Install Per Strand $10   

                          * Volume Only 25-125 Strands

                     *Average head Density and Length 150-200 Strands

                                            *Glam  Density and Length  150-300 Strands

                                                                                                         Hair Pricing

                                                   Start at $250 for 100 strands at 16 inches​ = 1 Bundle

                                                        200 strands = 2 Bundles


  Tape in hair and Seamless hair extensions are exactly what they sound like,  hair extensions applied using double side tape and welded to your natural strand using seamless hair extensions.  They are small wefts of hair that can be taped to your existing hair and cannot be tightened, each tape must be reapplied every 6-8 weeks. The most popular tape-in hair weft size is 1.5" long.  The industry makes pre-cut tape tabs to fit them. If needed, tape-In hair wefts can range in size to about 8". Tape-In extensions can be removed with solvent and reused by buying additional double sided tape.
                                Application Time
1-2 hours
                                                     Hold Time
                                                     4-8 Weeks
                                         Fast and easy application
                                      Minimal damage to your hair Hair is reusable

                                   *  Not recommended for fine hair (mainte  mandatory for health of natural hair)

​​                                  * Not recommended for people who swim often.​

                                *Tightening is not available must reapply every 6-8  weeks (may alternate for cost effectiveness)

                                      Price of Install $20 Per Tape Attachment

                                     * Volume Only 5-12 Tape Attachments 

                              *Average Head Density and Volume 20 Tape Attachments

                              *Glam Head Density and Volume 20-30 Tape Attachments




  Closed Net Sew in or Full Sew in Weave

No Hair is Left Out.  All Of Your Natural Hair Is Sew In Using A Closure or Frontal Giving A Faux Part Line Or Just The Circle Traditional Method With No Part.  This Sew in Method is very popular if you do not want to be bothered with your natural hair at all.


Open Net Sew In or Sew In Weave With Leave Out

All Your Hair Is Braided And Sewn In Except Your Leave Out On Your Natural Hair Is Left Out Around The Perimeter and/or The Part Line, This Allows You To Part Your Natural Hair,  This Leaves Your Natural Scalp Showing.  This Sew-in Weave Is Very Popular Because It Gives You More Flexibility.  If You Want To Place Your Sew In 


A Sew In Hair Weave or  Sew In Hair Extension is  a protective styling hair solution for clients wanting to give there natural hair a break.  Pure Luxury sew in weave or hair extension is done by creating a cornrow, or a small braid that goes horizontally or vertically across the clients head. You then sew in virgin human hair wefts from Pure Luxury Brazilian Collection, each hair weft is attached to the braided hair using a "C" shaped needle. This creates for a long hold time that will not damage your hair due to the fact that there are no chemicals or glues involved.  The "closed net sew in" consist of all hair braided up and closed in traditionally with lace or silk closure.  The "open sew in" consist of a u-shape and perimeter natural hair left out leaving a natural partline and rest of the hair braided up and sewn down.  The perimeter also can be left out in order to put the hair up.

                        Application Time
                               1-2 hours
 Hold Time
                               2-3 Months
          * No heat or glue involved that can damage hair
                      *Easy to take out

 *Excellent Hair growth because hair is in a protective style
      * Can be painful due to the tight braids

​   *Hair Loss is possible if the braids are too tight so make sure you express to the stylist if their is a pulling discomfort.  Our staff is trained in tension so we do not have problems with  hair loss.  It is the client responsibility to express if hair is pulled to tight for them.  We speacialize in healthy hair care using our system.  Ask about our grow out program. 

             Price of Install $205 (Does NOT INCLUDE hair)

           *Install include: ******Shampoo / Cond /Trim                                               Foundation /Sew-in/Cut/Style


                         Tighten Sew-In $50


                           Closure Reset $50

                           Frontal Reset $55

                          Take Down   $50-$65

                            Hair Color $85+

                           Demi  Color $55+

                            Texlax       $75+

                           Sew-in Wash and Style $50



Clip-in hair extensions are wefts of hair that have clips attached to them. They range from one clip with 2 inches of hair, to four clip systems with 8 inches of hair. They are easy to install, and a cheap method for getting long hair instantly. They are perfect for daily wear or just a night out.  Euro Hair Toppers also are Clip In style Toppers that add instant Volume to the top of your crown and is easy as clipping on and off.  Hair Toppers are so popular right now for instant volume in the crown and Clip ins are for instant volume every where else.  Both can be worn together or separately.  Price is quoted based on a private consultation. Each of these services could be customized or bought in stock.  Custom hairpieces are our staple and we look forward to showing you our Luxury Clip-ins and Hair Toppers. 
Application Time
                                 5-10 Minutes
     Hold Time
                                 Apply daily
                               * Easy to apply
                               * Easy to care for
                          * Can install on your own

              *   Is a great accessory can be kept for years
         * Have to remove daily to prevent damage to real hair
       * If left in for a long time, clips will damage natural hair

          CUSTOM WIGS

Pure Luxury custom wigs and Removable Hair Collection is premium hair.  A consultation is needed to move forward.  Some clients wear our Custom Collection as a luxury.   But for some it is not a luxury but a necessity.  We provide a private screen for clients that suffer with scalp disorder such as alopecia areata, trichollamania, lupus, hairloss, thinning and so many other sensitive subjects that result in hairloss and hair thinning.  If you would like a private consultation to start building your own custom Removable Hair or Custom Wig by Pure Luxury experts then give us a call today.  Visit our Wig Store and try on one of our brand Pure Lux Removable Sew-Ins Hair.


Consultation for our braided hair extension services is preferred before setting your  natural hair , hair extension or braid service appoinment.  We prefer on site consultation vs online consultation.   If client schedule do not permit or if client live a long distance for your convenience we  accept SKYPE, FACETIME, and PHONE  and some email consultation.  


                          Twist Out $85+

                            Crochet Hair Locs $125+

                            Locs Tighten$85+

                             Natural Hair Set $65+

                        Braids (Consultation Needed)

                   Conditioners & Treatments $10-$25



Anything Done To Your Natural Hair Comes With Healthy Option At Pure Luxury!  We are an exclusive natural hair extension salon specializing in healthy hair using our system.  We have VIP star clients that transition to wearing their own healthy hair in between, so we offer services for your convenience.  Our Bayalage color service may take a longer time than normal so we prefer to break hair color appointment and hair extension appointments up between two appointments.  A deposit will be required to hold the appointments.


              Chemical On My Natural    

                        Basic Hair Color $85+

                          Highlight $135+

                           Bayalage $250+

                          Demi  Color $55+

                          Tex Lax       $75+

               Conditioners & Treatments  $10-$25

            All The Way Natural

                            Foam Pony Wrap $85

                              Twist Out $85+

                            Crochet Locs $125+

                            Locs Tighten$85+

                             Natural Hair Set $75+

                        Braids (Consultation Needed)

                   Conditioners & Treatments $10-$25


Blow Outs and Clip In Hair Extensions At Pure Luxury Beauty Studio Located In Charlotte NC


Nothing is more refreshing than a fresh new Blow Out for a night on the town, or just an evening in your pajamas.  Stop by for Pure Luxury Blo and Go.  Our Luxury Blow Outs are fabulous for a quick hair fix for a day out with the girls or a night out with your mate.  Our Blow and Go Blowout  Hair is  by  Appointments Only.  Our wonderful array of conditioning treatments leaving your hair and your hair extensions  feeling like heaven.

     Blow and Go  $55

 Conditioning Treatments                  $5-$25

Best European Hair Extensions In Charlotte NC


 LETS BOOK A  HAIR EXTENSION PARTY!  Bring the bride and the bridal party and enjoy getting your wedding hair extensions pampered for a day of luxury!  BOOK A PURE LUXURY WEDDING OR GLAMDAY PACKAGE


Call to book your special day with Pure Luxury Beauty Studio. Wedding Hair Style Extensions is the thing to do on your special day.  Alone or with your bridesmaids getting glam up with Luxury Wedding Hair Extensions makes everything okay.   Pure Luxury also go  mobile when booked in advance.  Charlotte Wedding Hair Extension Services.  Call today for your Luxury Experience on Your Luxury Day.  Deposit may be required.



Microblading available by appointment only.  Lash extensions, strand by strand lashes, and microblading is the new trending beauty buzz.  Book a eyelash consultation for your strand by strand lashes or eyebrow microblade service to ensure the cost and maintenance involve.  Located in Charlotte, NC.  Check out our Classic Menu For basic price breakdown.

         Cluster Lashes Set
 Clusters  Lashes                                $65
        Full Set Strand by Strand  Lash 

Full set(strand by strand lashes)          $ 155

Fill (depends on the length of time)    $45- $75

Half Set    $120

​ Full Set Pure Lux Strand by Strand Lashes        

Full set   $150.00


 $40- $60

Half Set-  $120.00   


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