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          Best Virgin Hair Extensions and Remy Hair Extensions. All The Latest In Your Hair Extensions Needs.

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    Choosing Hair Extensions Length, and Thickness


What Length Hair Extensions Do I Need?

When choosing how much hair you need for your hair extensions its best to have a starting guide.  If you are integrating hair with in your natural hair then you have to start with the foundation which is your natural hair density.,  Its important to match your natural density and from there to add more to create glamorous hair.  If you are doing a full sew in then there is no rules.  You can go as thick or as natural density as you like because all of your hair is put away and you are only working with sew in hair weave and closure or sew in hair weave and frontal.  Pure Lux hair is the best quality hair extensions  and sew in hair weave available.  The hair is sold in bundles depending on the technique. desired.

How Many Bundles of Hair Extensions Do I Need To Get Started?


Bundles are compatible to 4 oz of hair or 100 grams normally.  Depending on the density of your natural hair its easy to decide how many bundles you need for most of the popular hair extensions techniques.

 1 Bundle of hair extensions is needed for density only

 2 Bundles of hair extensions is needed for density and length.


An average client typically needs 2 bundles of hair, which averages 100 grams per bundle.  Clip-ins hair extensions can be adjust depending on the amount of density in grams being used.  


If using  weft hair extensions then it normally require 2 bundles but may not need all of the 2 bundles of hair of the second bundle. We carry only excellent quality hair extensions in our hair store located in Charlotte NC.  


Each hair extensions technique  has a different price points but the quality is the most important thing when choosing hair extensions.  All of our hair extensions come with a luxury price tag because of the premium quality of the  hair extensions.  


 Our hair extensions studio use the top leading hair extension providers in the country.  We only use the highest quality hair on the market.  We continue to expand our hair and hair resources based on the hairs premium, luxurious hair extensions quality.  Refer to prices for the best hair for your hair extensions technique page for price reference.

Ordering hair extensions is a big deal so be sure to do your research and make sure which service is best for you.  Our extension professionals are on hand to give you guidance on your decision, but ultimately you have the final say.  We pride ourselves on providing  you the best hair extensions and hair extension services.  

Please note: All deposits are non refundable.   All of Pure Luxury hair extension services and hair extensions are non refundable.

Choosing Your Hair Extensions Length ?


It's important to know ahead of time what length of hair extensions you would like.  Our lengths range from 16-28 inches.  Order from our salon or online.  For your convenience you may schedule a phone or onsite consultation today.

12-14 inches hair extensions is used for women with shorter lengths that only want volume and really don't require to much length.  For the best diagnosis visit a hair professional at Pure Luxury Beauty Studio located in Charlotte,l NC.

Hair Extensions For Fine Hair - 16inch -18 inch hair extensions typically needs (1 bundle for natural volume)  (1 and a half to pump it up to glam)

Hair Extensions For Medium Density Hair - 16inch -18 inch hair extensions typically needs (1 and a half bundle for natural volume)  (2 bundles  to pump it up to glam)

Hair Extensions For Thick Density Hair - 16inch -18 inch hair extensions typically needs (2 bundle for natural volume)  (2 and a half to pump it up to glam)

20 inch hair extensions is a popular length and you still may be able to get away with the above guide for thickness.  

If you decide to go even longer then think about adding more hair based on the thickness of your hair.  The longer the hair the thinner the bundle because the weight is still 100 grams but the length is compensating for the weight.

Longer Hair extensions that may need extra hair is lengths 22 - 30 inches hair extensions.  

                                      STEP 4
Choosing Your Hair Extension Texture
It's All In The Texture Baby......

Pure Luxury Beauty Studio offer a great variety of textures.  The textures range from silky straight, relaxed straight, loose wave,  bossy wavy, curly, tahitian  curl, bohemian curl, and kinky curly hair extensions.  But when it come to European Hair our remy hair extensions is the hair extensions that comes in a variety of hair colors.


 The brazilian hair is the best texture and quality when it is in its natural virgin state.  It usually has not been colored and can be custom colored if needed.  With brazilian hair you do not want to color it pass 3-4 levels at a time to maintain its integrity,  however colored hair weaves look amazing in a sew in. Our brazilian hair is great for sew in hair extensions and the weave of choice for full sew ins and partial sew ins.  The brazilian closures are also a great way to rock a sew in.  Closure sew in  allows you to give your natural hair a rest break and allows you to continue to treat it while it continue to it grow out.  Closures for sew ins are a great way to protect your leave out.  Sew in hair weaves are protective styling at its best.


The blonde and darker blonde  hair extensions usually comes in straight texture or a body wave.  The hair gets slightly wavy when wet.  Most of the lighter colored hair comes in straight texture because its been processed to get the lighter color so its better quality on straight hair extensions or body wave hair extensions.  All hair can be curled to achieve a wave pattern.   Schedule your for a complimentary consultation today.

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