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Pure Luxury Beauty Studio OffersThe Best Hair Extensions For Closures, Frontals, and  Sew-In Hair Weaves and Sew in Styles. 

Pure Luxury Sew-Ins  Are Natural And Flawless With The Best Options For Closure or a Frontals.  Some refer to sew-in as a weave sew-in  but is also referred to as hair extensions sew in.

When Choosing A Hair Extension Salons don't just choose any Weave Shop, Choose The Best Hair Extensions Sew-in Salon Studio in Charlotte, NC.

If You Are Looking For An Extension Specialist  For Your Sew In  Weaves Or Looking For A Hair Extension Salon To Apply Your Hair Extensions Then Look No Further.  Pure Luxury Beauty Studio is The Best Choice  For Hair Extensions.

Sew-In Install | Sew In Install + Closure | Sew In Install + Frontal
                                                 Install                              Install

    $205   |  $205+$55     |     $205+$65

Sew In Weave Install Prices

The Difference in A Sew In Weaves & Sew-in Hair Extensions

Sew in hair extensions are the mother of all hair extension services.  However, sew in styling is always changing and evolving. The search for a beautiful sew-in that will fit your lifestyle is now over.

Pure Luxury Beauty Studio located in Charlotte, NC  takes pride in all of our custom sew-in hair extensions.  Your  natural  hair and your hair extensions are both important.  Extra care is taken into consideration regarding  conditioning,  treatments, and styling your sew-in weave to make sure all of the your natural hairs and hair extensions real hairs are in their highest quality.


Black Girl Sew in Weave Vs A  White Girl Sew In

"Sew-in weaves" are sometimes referred to as a weave for black girls only or black girl sew in as some may call it.  Sew in weaves are the most popular hair extensions  type.   Sew ins among black women today can range from a traditional sew in or microlink sew ins.  


Sew in hair is very popular with black women because it gives women a chance to braid their own  natural hair and give their natural hair time for a hair vacay for a while.  In doing this their natural hair flourishes and grows at a beautiful healthy pace.


 A full sew in with no hair left out is referred to as a full sew in,  closure sew in,  or a frontal sew in..  A sew in with hair left out is referred to as a partial sew in. If you want the best sew in hair extensions then you want to make sure that your hair extension technician is experienced in the industry and can provide the best sew in for you.

                                                                                       White Girl Sew-In


 On the other hand there is an entirely different type of sew in for silky straight hair sometimes referred to a "white girl sewin".  Thats just one name, but the most popular technique for silkier european hair  would be microlink sew-in also referred to as:  laser beaded row sew ins, beaded row sew-in hair extensions, microbead sew ins and the list goes on.


This technique is popular with silkier hair because of the grip of the bead on the hair to keep the wefts from sliding. However it is also popular in the African American hair extension community also.   The application is microlink bead is applied to the hair to create a base. 


The hair extensions are then sewn onto the microlink bridged base to form a sew in weft hair extensions row of hair extensions.  Hand tied hair extensions or machine weft hair extensions can be used to achieve this look.  Different types of hair extensions are used based on clients natural density of hair.  Try Pure Luxury Beauty Studio for the best sew-in hair weaves and microlink hair extensions in Charlotte, NC.


A Sew In Weave Is A Great Way To Transitioning Styling and Weave Alternative

Sew ins hair weaves help  transition your natural hair to an easier alternative.  This technique keeps the stress off their natural hair. Sew-ins are popular in the African American culture not to that white women or other European cultures cannot get a sew-in weave,  but that would not be the recommendation we would prefer because of the hair silkiness texture the micro link beaded weft is a better alternative.

  There are methods that hold up really well in European hair,  however a sew-in is not one of them.  

There is a method sometimes referred to as a "white girl weave" which is trending right now and also called natural beaded row or microlink hair extensions.  This method uses The typical  sew-in procedure usually takes up to 2-3 hours. 


The Best Sew-in Weave In Charlotte


Best Place To Go For A Sew-in Weave

At Pure Luxury Beauty Studio, your personal  sew-in studio , it is our priority to make every client as comfortable  and informed about their  hair extensions services as possible.  Most weave shops in Charlotte, NC don't educate their clients on their natural hair and hair extensions.  But at our salon we recommend the best sew in for natural hair and the best sew in for you.
Pure Luxury Beauty Studio carries all types of virgin hair extension bundles including brazilian bundles, cuticle remy extensions, itips, tape ins, sewin weaves, clip in hair extension, closures and frontals and so much more.  Our location also offers a wide variety of hair extensions and sew in style weaves through our studio located in Charlotte and our
 online hair extensions boutique. 

If you are looking for a place to make your sew ins beautiful then Pure Luxury Beauty Studio located in Charlotte, NC is your place to go for the best weave sew ins.


Choose A Sew-Ins That Fit Your Personal Lifestyle

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