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The Creator Of Natural Looking Hair Extensions

Pure Luxury Beauty Studio is a quaint little boutique style hair extensions studio located in Cherry between Dilworth and Elizabeth just southeast of Uptown Charlotte, NC.  Our hair extension shop is filled with beautiful hair extension  options for women that are searching for hair solutions, hair volume, and hair length. We also service lash extensions and brow services near you.


My passion for hair extensions

"I have a natural passion for hair extensions because of my own battle with thinning hair.  This prompted my journey in becoming the 'hair conoisseur'.  It has always been a love of mine testing out the different colors and textures of hair extensions.  Testing the touch and silkiness of each one.  It has always been a natural curiousity the lasting durability of the different cultures and ethnicities of human hairs.  Hair extensions always fascinated me and continue to fascinate me.


But this is only half of my addiction.  The other half is seeing the women lives I change.  This is a major part of why I do what I do and why I've been in the business for well over 30 years now.  I love seeing that sparkle of new life in each person eyes of the new possibilities and the new confidence that wearing our hair extensions can bring.  I carry that with me each day home and it is nothing more satisfying than knowing you have touched a part of a human beings inner part of their soul that made that light in their eye sparkle at a new possibility.  To be a part of that is priceless.  And for that I am grateful. "

Katina The Hair Extension Master

Katina  the CEO and creator of the Pure Luxury Hair and Lash brand has been a hair extensions master for over 30 years.  Katina moved to Charlotte area in 2007.  Prior to her move to Charlotte she lived in Europe  for over 7 years, that is where she learned the newest European techniques.  While living in Europe Katina received her International Master's Certificate in Hair Design.  With the knowledge of the European technique along side of her natural American acquired technique she developed an amazing brand of hair extensions and a natural healthy hair extension system.   Katina later came to run three salons in Germany, Giessen area.   Katina has trained and is  certified in over 15 different techniques.  She has taken her  knowledge and brand and has trained hair extension technicians all over the world.  She has selected a few amazing hair extension technician for the Pure Luxury Beauty Studio location.  All of the technicians have been trained and certified  in the Unbelievable Hair Extension technique. Most recently Katina had a strong desire to see better hair extensions and lash extensions in the Charlotte area and made a decision to open an all exclusive hair extensions and lash extensions in a private studio. Pure Luxury Hair and Lash Extensions Beauty Studio is her newest creation. Our hair extension services  says it all.


Pure Luxury uses the Unbelievable Hair Extensions system.  This system was designed and created by Katina and has been perfected to achieve the most natural looking hair extensions system available.

 With an A list of  clients  its hard to resist the unbelievable touch of the staff.    Each staff brings their own individual expertise and personal style to each and every client.    We believe in top notch service.  We would love to make you a Pure Luxury VIP Member.



       Our Story

About Pure Luxury Beauty Studio

 "The Worlds Best Natural Hair Extensions"

Hi! I'm Katina M. Foster, founder of Pure Luxury Beauty Studio and Creator of Unbelievable Hair Extensions and Pure Lux Hair Brand


​"Our vision is to create strong, beautiful and long hair using our hair extension system.  We are also very determined to maintain good customer service and client relationships.   We want every client to feel as special as she is.  We promise to please."

Our Vision

Our Story



Hair Extension Expert Katina, Charlotte, NC
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