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What makes Pure Luxury Beauty Studio The Best Hair Extensions Studio?


We are so glad you asked, because Pure Luxury hair extensions is known for being the best hair extensions on the market because of our high quality, thick cuticle, real 100% human hair extension quality.  Pure Luxury Beauty Studio is a hair extension and lash extension salon haven.  Our hair extensions studio specialize and is certified in over 15 different hair extension techniques.  Hair Extensions is a great way to build the density of your natural hair.   Hair Extensions are also a great way to add length to your hair without waiting months on end for hair to grow out.  Some clients may experience a bad hair cut and dont know which way to turn and hair extensions is a great options for this case.  

We Offer Lash Extensions And Brow Services
 Pure Luxury Beauty Studio also specialize in lash extensions and eyebrow services.  Our specialists are  certified in Nova Lash Extension system.  
 Our various lash and hair extension techniques are designed for each of our clients personally, to create a healthy lash extension and hair extension solution.  Pure Luxury hair extension studio is located in Charlotte, NC in the Myers Park /Cherry/ Dilworth area.   However, we have clients that travel from Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, Huntersville, Ballantyne, Fort Mill and even as far as across the world,

Choose Your New
    Hair  Extensions

When Choosing The Hair For Extensions Its Important To Purchase The Hair That Is Close To Your Natural Hair Color As Possible.  Unless Wearing You Are Wearing A Complete Sew In Weave With Closure Or Frontal.  Hair For Extensions Can Be Used For All Types Of Techniques Including Sew Ins, Tapes Ins, Clip Ins, Micro links, Microbeads, Hand Tied Hair Extensions, Strand By Strand, Fusions Hair Extensions, Hair Toppers, Hair Integrations And The List Goes On.

What Are The Different Type Of Hair Extensions?
Pure Lux Hair Extensions is 100% real virgin human hair.  We offer high grade quality remy and virgin hair sourced from all over the world.  We only use donors with the healthiest hairs. We only use the best hair extensions with cuticle intact facing one direction. This keeps the hair from tangling and shedding. Our studio specialize in all hair types and love creating hair solutions for our clients.  If you have natural hair and looking for a solution for your natural hair then give us a call.
Voted Best Hair Extensions Studio in Charlotte NC - Pure Luxury Beauty Studio is sure to live up to its name. There are plenty of weave shops in Charlotte, NC but only one Pure Luxury Beauty Studio.  Only The Most Natural Hair Extensions Available. Call Today For A Hair Extension Consultation. 
Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions, Tape Ins Hair Extensions, Clip In Hair Extensions, Micro Beaded Row Hair Extensions, Strand by Strand Extensions, Micro link Hair Extensions and more.
Call today for your complimentary hair extension, braid, lash extensions  or  wig consultation.  If your questions is  about hair extensions or lashes extensions we can assist you!



Hair Extensions Are A Great   Way To Add Color Length  Density and Vibrancy Instantly To Your Natural Hair.
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      Lux Hair Extensions Therapy

 If  you  are looking for  the best luxury hair extensions then Pure Luxury Beauty Studio is the place for you.  We cater to our clients in a nice calming atmosphere.

Pure Luxury is also a hair replacement and hair restoration studio located in the heart of Charlotte, NC.   We specialize in hair loss and scalp disorder that may include alopecia, cancer hair loss, trichotillomania, and hereditary hair loss.  Catering to clients with special scalp issues and hair loss is Pure Luxury specialty.  Specialty services such as trichotillomania which is compulsive hair pulling disorder resulting in hair loss and thinning is treated using customized hair extension, lace front wig, and hair topper systems. Alopecia is alsoa scalp disorder that requires  a very specialized hair extension stylist to help in adding in the hair extensions in all the right places while still looking natural.

Lux Hair Extensions Is A Great Way To Boost Overall Confidence

        Pure Luxury Beauty Studio is considered the best hair extensions and lash extension studio in Charlotte, NC.

      If You Suffer From Low Self Esteem Due To Hair Loss Suffer NO Longer.  It's a True Statement That "When You Look Good You Feel Good."

Some clients have experience low self esteem due to hair loss or hair thinning  and have seen great results using our hair replacement systems.  Pure Lux hair extensions is a great system to add thickness to dense hair or to add length to damaged hair.  Our system is design to help condition your natural hair while wearing hair extensions.  To manage what might be triggering damage, hair thinning, breakage, etc while wearing our hair extensions system.  Usually while wearing our hair extensions clients find their hair grow longer and stronger because they are no longer focusing on the weakness of their hair which then allows their natural hair to flourish.  Sometimes alot of symptoms may start in the mind.  However there are other reasons for hair thinning, balding and breakage and our goal is to get to the bottom of the problem while assisting you in solutions through our hair extensions solutions.

 Our goal is to  take the worry of hair stress and anxiety from their minds which helps to also encourage hair growth. For More Info visit our FAQ page.

Pure Luxury staff understand the beauty of creating classic and beautiful looks using our hair extensions systems and our hair replacement system.

If you are interested in any of our specialty hair extension or hair replacement services please set up a complimentary consultation.  

We would love to sit down and create a new beautiful look for you using our exclusive hair extension system.

Our clients visit us from all around the globe and is very confident in our skills.  We look forward to making you feel glamourous and luxurious using our top of the line luxurious hair extensions.  Our team is on hand to make sure that you reach your hair goals.



Lux Hair Care

                    OUR HAIR EXTENSIONS ARE

                     100% Real Luxury Human Hair 


Pure Luxury salon care is optimal and right to the point when it come to matching your hair with the perfect hair extensions.  We offer great natural hair care services while using the best Lux Hair Extensions  on the market.  Pure Lux Hair Extensions brand is a brand created by Pure Luxury Beauty Studio founder Katina  to bring you  a pure and  high quality remy,  virgin,  cuticle, hair extension experience.  Our Lux Studio style  is the perfect hair extension shop for all your beauty and hair extensions needs.  Our salon provides a variety of textures and hair colors in all types of extensions.

Pure Lux hair extensions are known for being the most beautiful human hair and remy virgin hair extensions in the world.  Our salon is the place to find the best sew in Charlotte, NC.  

Pure Lux hair extension maintenance is minimal if taken care of properly.  Pure Lux human hair extensions comes with a personal guarantee that you can trust. The Gold Collection is the highest grade cuticle hair extensions. Our clients can feel confident, while being assured that they are wearing the best quality hair extensions.  

Pure Luxury Beauty Studio is an exclusive hair extension studio and lux salon that focus on healthy hair using our exclusive hair extension system.   Our staff is fully trained in a variety of hair extension methods that will help boost your natural hair healthiness which helps to encourages a self esteem boost for women struggling with thinning hair or damaged hair.

The styling products that our stylist use on your hair extensions is professional quality and good for your natural hair and the hair extensions.  We give you a care sheet and offer maintenance packages that fit your hair extension needs.








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        &    Removables

Custom Wigs, Hair Toppers & Removable Hair Extensions

Our Beautiful hair toppers are not just your ordinary hair toppers but luxury hair toppers full of cuticle remy human hair extensions.  Top of the line removable hair and hair toppers that will give your boring top a super lift.  Pure Luxury Beauty Studio Hair Extensions and Lash Studio has luxury wigs and custom made removable hair.  We also carry beautiful hair toppers and hair extension accessories.

Our Studio has the best hair extensions and wigs in Charlotte NC and surrounding area.


The  hair  on all of our wigs , front lace wigs, full lace wigs,  lace closure wigs is 100% virgin Human Hair Extensions.


Our Beautiful Hair Toppers

 Our hair toppers are customized with hair color, and custom texture on all of our removable hair.  We offer personalized cutting to fit each and every client on all of our  hair extensions. 


All of our wigs come with a one on one private consultation and a customized hair pieced or custom removable hair  made specifically  to your requirements.  

Clients that have been diagnose with illness that may cause hair loss may qualify for insurance assistance depending  on their health insurance.  We would love to help you get started on finding the best new look for you using one of our beautiful collections of wigs.

not just your ordinary hair toppers but luxury hair toppers full of cuticle remy human hair extensions.  Top of the line removable hair and hair toppers that will give your boring top a super lift.  Pure Luxury Beauty Studio Hair Extensions and Lash Studio has luxury wigs and custom made removable hair.  We also carry beautiful hair toppers and hair extension accessories.

Our Studio has the best hair extensions and wigs in Charlotte NC and surrounding area.


The  hair  on all of our wigs , front lace wigs, full lace wigs,  lace closure wigs is 100% virgin Human Hair Extensions.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple.  "Make every client feel beautiful".   Come to our hair extension, waxing studio and lash extension studio to experience world class customer service, no wait time, best hair extensions in the world, and a professional staff that caters to you.  


Pure Luxury Hair Extensions Studio was design for the busy professional woman that do not  have a lot of time for their hair and just want to look beautiful with no effort. Our studio is a great place to come in and glam up before heading out.  Try our waxing services for a gentle yet exhilarating experience.


Pure Luxury hair extensions allows you to regain your youth and your time back by adding volume, length or both with our exclusive hair extension system.


 The specially designed patented system our lux hair extensions allow you to grow your natural hair healthy and strong using our system.  We specialize in healthy, natural hair extensions.


Our studio also offer customized hair extensions services such as customized wigs, lace hair toppers, silk hair toppers, silk base closures, lace closures,  remy hair, clip in hair extensions, natural hair line lace wigs, pre plucked frontal hair lines, lace wigs, front lace wigs , closures, frontals hair toppers,  brazilian hair extensions, european hair extensions, hair replacement integration, i tips, u tips, weft hair extensions, ponytail extensions, hair extension training, lash extensions, strand by strand, hair thinning remedies, microlink hair extensions, nbr extensions, laser beaded rows, micro beaded row extensions, strand by strand hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, eyelash extensions, henna eyebrows, eyebrow tinting, microblading, free hair extensions consultations and so much more.  Book a free hair extensions consultation today.


Our Hair Extension       Experts Help 

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