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Brazilian Water Wave Lace Closures is the best way to seamlessly close in your sew in hair extensions or weaves.  


With so many types of closures the most popular types are lace closures.

 Pure Luxury lace closures are made of the finest handcrafted lace materials and the most beautifully sourced hair.


  All of Pure Luxury's lace closures are preplucked to give you a gorgeous natural hairline.  Pure Luxury closures come in a signature 3x4 closure size, 4x4 closure size, and 5x5 closure size which gives you the benefit of the frontal look without the inconvenience of ear tabs.  The 3x4 closure usually a little smaller than temple to temple therefore if you have more hair on your temple area it still flows seamlessly.  Our sew in closures come in a variety of textures and patterns.


* 3x4, 4x4, 5x5 Dimensions

*  Kinky Straigh (Pink)

* Transparent Lace/ Silk

* Natural Color

* Brazilian

* Free Part

Brazilian Water Wave Lace Closure

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