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De Lux Hair Toppers

Pure Luxury Hair Toppers are designed to seamlessly blend in with the layers of your natural hair style.  Hair toppers add immediate density to the top of your hair.  A beautiful hair accessory that will never go out of style.  Very convenient for clients that are thinning or tends to go flat in the crown area of the head.  Our toppers are high quality 100 % human hair and is made of pure remy hair extensions.   Our hair colors are perfectly customized to matched your natural hair.  We carry 3 sizes for your convenience.  But with our new De Lux Hair Topper It is the coverage of a wig while still leaving your perimeter out for room to breathe. The DE Lux Hair Topper is compact with a greater density of hair for vava voom hair. extensions.  We are sure you will find the perfect hair topper to meet your needs.

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